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Group Director and Founder


I am Maria Valdovinos director of Ballet Folklorico Raices Mexicanas. I love to spread the folklorico culture and continue the roots of the Mexican Heritage. I started dancing at the age of 11 and just fell in love with it! At the age of 19 after graduating from College I decided it was time to start my own group and it was the best decision I have ever made! I love to see my students grow with their culture being a huge part of their lives! 

Our Leaders







- Teacher


- Teacher Assistant 


- Teacher Assistant 

Mia Isabelle Cota

- Teacher Assistant 

" I am Mia Isabelle Cota, what I love about BFRM is there is a great atmosphere. Everyone is very close and love each other very much."




- Teacher Assistant 

Gabriella Virgen

- Teacher Assistant 

"I am Gabriella Virgen (Gabby) an 8th grader from Tracy. The dances I learn form BFRM are fun"

Our Performing Group


 "I am Juliette Garay I started dancing at age 6, and have been part BFRM for 3yrs. I love Learning different songs from different regions."

"My name is Tiffany, 10 years old, 5th grade from Tracy. I love to dance Ballet folklorico because it's part of my culture, I get to meet new people, have fun and learn about folklorico dances from different states in Mexico."

" I am Dulce Ochoa and I love to dance"

"I am Jenifer Torres, I am a very energetic girl, that likes to dance. I love learning new dances and always have fun doing so!"

"I am Mateo Ibarra-Jimenez an 8 year old in 3rd grade from Tracy. I love to dance and make new friends"


Alejandra Hermosillo Acosta

Juan Barragan

Adrianna Barragan


Hatziric Castillo

"I am Samantha Mayorga, I am 9 years old, I've been dancing with Ballet Folklorico Raices Mexicanas for three years."

Melanie Cruz

Yovani Esparza

Socorro Torres

Hilary Castillo

Claudia Barrios

Eduardo Maldonado

 "I am Fatima Mendoza and  I am strong-sweet and funny."

Miguel Maldonado

"I am Matias Mendoza and I am a happy dancer!"

 "I'm Kayla Moody and I'm 12 years old from Tracy."

Leticia Flores

Yaneli Amador

Abigail Linsley

I am Elena Gamboa I am 11 years old and have been dancing for the last 2 1/2 years. I have made lot of new friends and have learned so much and am still learning so much more!

Dezmen Acosta

Leo Barrios

"I'm Shamara Moody and I'm 14 years old from Tracy."

Gloria Diaz

"I am Estefany Corrales I  enjoy every moment of dancing💃🏼"

Nelly Mejia

Renee Rocha

"I am Amberly Cardenas, I am an 11 yrs old future 6th grader student of Mossdale Lathrop, born in Oakland Ca and proudly representing my Mexican Heritage"

Itandehui Hipolito

"My Name is Isabella Posadas, 8 Years old, 3th grader from Tracy. I love to dance Folklorico because it represents my culture and where and where my family is from." 

David McKaig

Our Future Performing Group


 "I am Emiliano Ibarra-Jimenez, I am 5 years old in TK from Tracy. I love to dance and make new friends"

 "I am Cristian Virgen a 7th grader from Tracy. I love BFRM because it's fun and my teacher is great"

Yuliana Burciaga

Ximena Aparicio

Victoria Corral

Sarah Montanez

"I am Mariana Aguilar this is my first year dancing"

"I am Julianna Vargas I am 10 yrs old and I love to dance so excited teacher Guss introduced us!"

Juanita Schwauker

Krla Mendez

Gavin Acosta

Daniel Nunez

Daniela Aparicio

Christian Mayorga

Lexani Arcos

Ramon Esparza

Juliana Garcia

Jimena Lopez

Nylah Reyes

Delia Bonilla

Barbara Aragon-Diaz

Jose Mayorga

Alondra Ochoa

Cristina Oceguera

Anastasia Casillas

Isaura Delgado

Jocelyn Gazcon

Gianelli Gomez

Jazlene Gomez

Jocelyn Gonzalez

Kyomi Gonzalez

Luz Maria Gurrola

Giselle Llamas

Andres Martinez

Gael Martinez

Camila Ochoa

Jimena Padilla

Joseph Sanchez

Belen Barragan

Camila Garcia

Angeles Rodriguez


" I am Adriana Aguilar this is my first year dancing"

Lilyana Ponce

Grisel Quiroz

Celeste Pantoja

Charlie Armendariz

Marlen Gutierrez

Sandra Quihuiz-Ruotitu

Korina Gonzalez

Katie Sousa

Lidia Colchado

Analise Gomez

Ashley Gonzalez

Samantha Gonzalez

Natalia Magana

Tobias Martinez

Angel Ramos

Vittoria Candelaria

Isabella Ballard

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